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    ADdirect, a household name for Leaflet Distribution in Gauteng and South Africa

    Welcome, Who is ADdirect?

    ADdirect is an established Pamphlet, Leaflet or Sample distributor that holds over 20 years industry experience, specializing in delivering your message to your clients directly. From Johannesburg to Cape Town, From Durban to Port Elizabeth, we have updated and accurate demographics, understanding your clients, better than anyone else.

    Founded in Alberton, Johannesburg by Douw Pretorius who is the sole member of ADdirect, clients can have complete peace of mind knowing that Douw Pretorius still have a hands-on approach when it comes to the day-to-day business activities. With over 20 years of experience, ADdirect Pamphlet Distribution holds the advantage of assuring our clients that accurate, cost effective and number-specific target marketing is offered to our clients!

    There is no better way than delivering your message direct to their homes.

    ADdirect knows that the key to getting a good response rate and winning new business from your leaflet campaign is knowing who to deliver to and therefore we will make sure that your pamphlets reach your target market.

    Our Mission

    With a long history of training and empowering previously disadvantaged individuals, it is our mission to continue improving the general living conditions in local communities!

    What Is Pamphlet Distribution 

    Pamphlet distribution is a proven and trusted medium in the advertising industry where target markets can be determined and wastage kept to a minimum.

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    ADdirect is dedicated to being:

    Proudly South African
    Socially Responsible
    Always be Loyal & Reliable
    Always be Loyal & Reliable
    Ensure WE are Knowledgeable Service Providers
    Offer Quality Pamphlet/Leaflet Distributions

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    Why You Should Choose ADdirect For Pamphlet/Leaflet Distribution?

    ADdirect offers an UNBEATABLE level of SERVICE DELIVERY to each and every client. All our clients are treated equally with the same importance!

    ADdirect will take every measure possible to ensure that your pamphlets are successfully delivered every time.

    ADdirect’s ongoing training ensures that our loyal and dedicated distributors are always courteous and professional.

    ADdirect will help our valued clients achieve maximum impact on their customer base.

    ADdirect will make every possible attempt to direct our client’s message across thousands of customers.

    ADdirect offers our clients an AFFORDABLE, COST EFFECTIVE Pamphlet Distribution Service.